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Here at Marine Tech we provide an array of services with one goal in mind. Let you enjoy the hobby to the fullest. Weather its designing a system for your home or office, installing an aquarium, maintaining your aquarium or simply finding that perfect piece of coral our experts are here to help.



Our team here at Marine Tech prides ourselfs on expert and artistic design. We can help bring your ideas to life, weather an amazing coral reef for your office lobby, a freshwater tank for you childs room, an outdoor koi pond for the family to enjoy or a tropical rainforest vivarium we attack your project with both an understanding of the technical requirements as well as the artistic beauty you want to enjoy.



Need help moving that large aquarium? The team at Marine Tech will move, install and set up your aquarium for you. Servicing Western Colorado, let our team of experts help you move, set up, and install the perfect system for you. 



Keeping your tank crystal clear, algea free, and the water quality for your fish, coral, and plants at the correct levels is our main goal. With a 25% water change, water testing, cleaning of glass, skimmers, and filtration systems, there is no better way to enjoy the hobby then to let us maintain your system. Our standard maintenance includes cleaning glass, skimmers, and filtration systems. It also includes a water change (we reccomend 25% water changed bi-weekly. *water cost per gallon non included) , water testing, and we can also deliver the food for your fish and corals, as well as the chemicals you need to keep the quality of life perfect for whatever aquatic life you have.